City Guide Erfurt

You are now in Erfurt or planning a trip?
We accompany you on various tours and trips through the city of Erfurt and Thuringia.
The representation of historial contexts as well as time to pause for questions is more
important than plenty of dry figures to us. You´ll discover famous sights and landmarks
and leave the trodden tourist paths to perceive the hidden that can´t be read in any travel guide.

Join me on a walking tour of Erfurt which is the ideal way to see the main city highlights
in one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Germany.
During this tour I will tell you all about the current and former business and cultural centre
of Thuringia in its more than 1270 years old history that attracted many famous people
such as Martin Luther, Bach, Goethe and Napoleon.
We will see the beautiful patrician and half timbered houses which line the main streets,
we can take a stroll along the pretty quaint alleys and narrow streets and you will also learn about
the local people going about their everyday lives, their churches and festivities.

The tours listed below can be customised to your specifications such as architecture,
religion, music, gastronomy e.g. - contact me with your request and we can fine tune your itinerary together !

Erfurt Walking Tour ´A Maid. A Monk. A Merchant.´

Part of the tour through the medieval town are the historical trade routes, sites and marketplaces,
the remains of the medieval city fortifications and the Krämerbrücke which made it possible to trade
on the Via Regia. In addition we visit the former Augustinian Monastery, the St. Mary's Cathedral
and Severi Church and the Luther Monument.

From Egypt to Erfurt - the Blue Gold of Erfurt
3500 years history of the Blue Dye and origin, characteristics, cultivation and processing of the woad plant, part of the tour are a commercial and residential building of a medieval woad merchant and the Waidhaus.

The Jewish Life in Erfurt
The life of the Jewish families in the period from 11 to 18 century

The old Knights and Krämpfer to Erfurt
The story about the lives of brave men and poor traders on the outskirts of the city of Erfurt

Where were the 50 churches and 13 monasteries in Erfurt ?
1300 years history of the Church in and around Erfurt

Walking Tour length: approx 2 h

Guiding fee for 2 hours is € 90,00 up to 15 guests, additional guest € 8,00 ea.

We ask tour operators to develop a travel program to ask for advice.
We create an individual offer gladly and quickly.
Learn also about our themed and seasonal special offers.
Most of offered trips can be booked all year round.

Der klassische Stadtrundgang

Einer der besterhaltenen mittelalterlichen Stadtkerne Deutschlands lädt uns auf eine Entdeckungsreise zu Fuss ein – die beste Art in die über 1200jährige Geschichte einzutauchen.

Programmpunkte: Domplatz, Domberg mit St Marien und St Severi, Fischmarkt, Venedig Wenigemarkt, Krämerbrücke, Waidanger, Rathaus, Augustinerkloster, Alte Universität


Die Tour “ins Blaue”

Seinen Reichtum im Mittelalter verdankte Erfurt der Waidpflanze, ein wichtiges Blaufärbemittel. Sie erfahren alles über Herkunft, Anbau und Verarbeitung der Pflanze und wir besuchen den Waidmarktplatz, Wohn- und Geschäftshaus eines Waidhändlers und das Waidhaus.